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Using DreamTending, Active Imagination, Creativity and Journeys to reveal Healing, Guidance and other Life Mysteries.


The practice of DreamTending involves going back into the dream using active imagination, resulting in the experience of something akin to a shamanic journey. Together, we embark on a journey of curiosity and discovery, creating relationships with dream figures who offer themselves up as teachers, healers and guides. We uncover fields of richness which spark creativity and imagination, while opening the doorway to the mystery in our waking lives. Tending dreams lit by the fire of presence, curiosity and imagination— is a deep dive into uncovering our own creativity, soul voice, and the vast realm of possibilities always available to us.

Beyond dream interpretation, DreamTending is a way of working with dream which opens our senses to the multidimensional quality that is present in our lives—always—and wakes us up to our deepest selves, our connection to the world around us, and the gifts we have to share. Through dialog with those who come to us in our dreams, we meet our tribe of inner Oracles who generously share wisdom, guidance and inspiration—empowering us to move through our lives with a newfound illumination and clarity.

I have found that going through the portal of dream not only takes us to our soul voice and calling, but it leads us straight into the Dream of Nature. Using creativity in the form of visual art, shamanic journeying, and writing, we go into the Natural World and learn to listen and share in the experience of the World Dream. Through engaging with the Oracles that live within us, we are introduced to ways of relating and listening to the voice of nature. Through using the vehicle of our creativity, we are guided still more deeply into living a more integrated, holistic and magical life.

Be willing to open to creativity, to your imagination, to curiosity, to childlike wonder. Be open to surprises, to magic, to discovery, to adventure, to transformation, and to the guidance of your soul.

Journey with me to the voice of your deepest longing, and into the guidance of your heart. Be open to listening, to seeing, to experiencing in new ways. 


Tending the Oracle Within through DreamTending—Private sessions. Group work also available. Each private session is one hour of deep dive into dreamtime. Each session builds on the next, offering take away work to deepen the experience and bring it into your daily life. This includes creative work, a dream “praxis” and other inspired offerings.

$90.00 per session. About an hour long. 

Dreamtending and Oracle reading combination—Combining dreamtending with oracle reading, we receive surprising and magical insights into our inner world and the connection to our soul, unique voice, heart and life. Guidance, inspiration, creativity and healing emerge and we move forward empowered and with greater clarity.

$90.00 per session. About an hour long.




Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing which combines the traditions of ancient Chinese Five Element medicine and the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. It has its roots in ancestral traditions, and though it has been largely forgotten in our society, it has been practiced in one form or another by medicine people around the world throughout time.

Unlike many other plant based healing modalities, in Plant Spirit Medicine no part of the physical plant is used or administered, but rather the spirit of the plant is called upon and it offers its help.

Continued Plant Spirit Medicine treatments over time, not only re-awaken and fortify our connection with Spirit and with the natural world, but through reaching into the deepest layers of a person, the plants bring balance and support to our core. Over time, and from that deep place, the healing grows and unfolds into a blossoming that reaches up through the layers of years of complexity and compensation, establishing harmony and wellbeing throughout the entire system. Over and over again, I have experienced and seen this ancient medicine bring deep healing, upliftment and transformation to all areas of a persons life, as it carries us away from feeling separate and into a life of wholeness, flow and joy.

Plant Spirit Medicine healing

Intake, about 2 hours— $120.00

Follow up healing sessions about 1 hour— $75.00

Plant studies and Journeys to the plant spirits—solo or group work offered. Plants are our teachers and healers and are very willing to share their gifts with us when we approach them with respect and honoring. In this offering, we go into the natural world and do in-person plant studies and journeys in the tradition of Plant Spirit medicine. We come away with a deeper sense of the living spirit of plants—and a more intimate connection with them and with the natural world. This is a very healing practice that empowers us in the art of listening, observing and opening ourselves to the magic present within and around us.

2.5 hours—solo $125.00. For group rates send an inquiry.

Interacting in a sacred way with Nature through art—solo or group work offered. This experience involves a combination of shamanic journeying to plant and stone spirits in a natural setting, followed by creating artistic offerings to these elements of the Natural world. These creations are made using organic materials—earth pigments, earth clay and other natural elements— and are akin to the Tibetan sand mandala tradition. They are temporary creations made with deep honoring as an offering to the beings in the natural landscape, to be taken by the weather beings in their own time.

3 hours—solo $180.00. For group rates send an inquiry.

Oracle Readings

The Tulku Oracle deck (currently in production) is a collection of 53 cards representing the different symbols, archetypes and totems of the Tulku Jewels amulet collection. The cards are portals into the realm of soul and dream, each with a living presence that invites us to learn about our own inner worlds through listening to the particular wisdom and insights they bring. Through receiving readings— either to address current issues one would like clarification or guidance with— or to go deeper into a dream and meet it through the language of symbols for better understanding, we receive surprising inspirations, guidance and healing. Stay tuned for updates on when the deck and book will be available for purchase.

Find out more about The Tulku Oracle

Tulku Oracle Readings—

Using the Tulku Oracle deck (currently in production) together we do a deep dive into your query. Through tending the cards we discover wisdom, guidance and inspiration to illuminate this chapter in your life. Uncover the voice of your soul and receive healing and guidance from the archetypes, totems, symbols and mystery that live in the cards.

$90.00—About an hour -75 minutes long.


Dreamtending and Oracle reading combination—Combining dreamtending with oracle reading, we receive surprising and magical insights into our inner world and the connection to our soul, unique voice, heart and life. Guidance, inspiration, creativity and healing emerge and we move forward empowered and with greater clarity.

$90.00 per session. About an hour -75 minutes long


Package offering in combination with Tulku Jewels and Artwork
I offer a 25% discount to my Oracle reading clients who are interested in purchasing an amulet to support their journey. See for the amulets and please reach out to me if you are interested.


Oracle Artwork— if there is an image that speaks out to you from our reading together, please let me know and we can talk about giclee offerings to incubate your connection to the image and the guidance that arises.

About Karla

Karla Refoxo is an artist and has walked a path of healing traditions which is woven throughout her work. She is a graduate of the Plant Spirit Medicine healer training program taught by Eliot Cowan, author of the book by the same title. For the past eight years she has gone on a yearly pilgrimage making offerings to sacred sites in the Huichol tradition, and goes to the Huichol homelands deep in the Mexican Sierra Madre on a yearly basis to learn from this unbroken lineage and powerful shamanic tradition.

Karla has completed the advanced DreamTending certification program taught by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat at Pacifica University. At the time of this publication, Karla is in the final throes of creating the Tulku Oracle deck based on the symbols, totems and archetypes in the Tulku line of amulets and inspired by her learning from the Spirits of Nature and her work with Dreams. As an artist she brings all of these modalities into her work with the intention to share with others for their healing, inspiration and to support their connection to the natural world, spirit and their own creativity.

After years making her living as a visual artist working in different modalities including traditional fresco painting, sculpture, Tibetan thangka painting, restoration and others—Karla created Tulku Jewels—a sacred amulet and jewelry line with production based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her work with Tulku draws on her background as an artist, meditator, healer and lover of the natural world. Over the past 20 years she has developed a deep relationship with the people of Nepal and traveled regularly to Kathmandu where she works with Newar master craftsmen to broaden her knowledge and connection with one of the main sources of her inspiration. As part of the ancient lineage of artists whose path in Life is to create sacred objects and share them with the world, Karla’s intention with Tulku is to work with other such artists to provide people with sacred art to wear and in so doing, to help others on their healing journey.

She currently resides and treats people in the beautiful mountain community outside of Boulder—Jamestown, CO.

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